Don’t Resist Alone provides a directory of progressive political groups. We define “progressive” in a fairly broad sense, but there are certain guidelines to which each group must adhere in order to be listed.

Each group must engage in activities for the purpose of…

  • …improving the equity of treatment and opportunity for the underserved or disenfranchised,
  • …maintaining or improving the protections that the law provides to individuals,
  • …expanding opportunities for social and economic mobility,
  • …providing for the health and safety of all individuals,
  • …safeguarding civil rights,
  • …protecting our natural environment, or
  • …otherwise protecting and advancing social justice.

Each group should be active on a regular basis, and there should be a means by which individuals can contact the group to volunteer their time and effort. You can provide this information via our contact form.

Your group must not:

  • Engage in hate speech, especially toward the disenfranchised. This includes “dog whistle” activity and equivocation between the actions of oppressors and the oppressed.
  • Encourage or endorse the hate speech of others, including but not limited to: endorsing political candidates who engage in hate speech, providing a platform for hate speech online or in the physical world, raising funds for groups that engage in hate speech, and sharing hate speech online without commentary condemning it.

Groups that violate these terms may be delisted at our sole discretion, with or without notice.

Finally, at this time we support only groups located in Massachusetts. Your group must be located in Massachusetts, or have a branch in our state. We hope to expand to other states at a later time.